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  1. Araka
    Write about what ever you like.
  2. Kealyan
    Why can't we post pictures? I wanted to post one of Alec's Illegal smile!!! and I can't

  3. Araka
    Actually I can see it ^^
    Plus you can always upload it to the gallery in here.
    (just go the groups main page and look for the green button that says "add photo")
  4. Kealyan
    I did not explain myself correctly XD It's in the gallery that I can't post pictures. Here I can see it too but in the gallery I try too and it seems to work but then I have a white page and nothing happen. Even if I refresh the page nothing happen and I have to open a new page or use the back arrow.

    Is it only me? or do you need special permission to post pictures?
  5. Araka
    Hmmmm lemme check that and see. Can anyone else please try to upload something so we can test?

    Edit: Yep having the same issue as you so it's not a permission problem. Gonna open a bug report for this. (clicky)
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