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  1. geminateCoder
    Hello! Have you always been a fan of the awesome games made by Nitro+Chiral? Are you looking for other people that are into roleplaying these intense characters? Well, your search is over. A new discord community has opened up! This is only for ages 18+!!! The discord is fairly new but we're hoping to fill it up with the rare breed of roleplayers that are into games such as: Dramatical Murder, Togainu No Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool, and Touken Ranbu. Meet new friends, have fun, and play the roles you've always wanted to play!

    Why Discord? Discord is easier to manage than Skype. A couple of us also hang out in a game called SecondLife. A virtual world for building, socializing and exploring. Eventually, we'll have a citadel built so we can hang out in a social 3d setting!

    There will be rules, private channels to roleplay in, as well as voice calls for getting to know everyone. Join us today! Help us grow and make Nitro+Chiral games great again!

  2. di3hard138
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