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Introduce Yourselves

  1. TsunaRaven
    This is your thread for introductions, dear members. I shall first introduce myself, obviously.

    I am TsunaRaven but I rather be called Kaz, it's how a lot of people identify me. I am an easy-going person, really kind and I tend to love original roleplays. Been roleplaying ever since 2008, I am not a professional but I adapt to every situation and partner. ^^
  2. Holycole
    Hai I am Holycole But call me Emi. I love to play characters outside of my self and true nature most of the time and can provide more drama to an Rp than Tyler Perry can to a movie.
  3. TsunaRaven
    Hahaha. That Tyler Perry reference just earned you kudos. Anyways, I am happy that you joined up and will look forward to get to know you better, Emi. ^^
  4. Vakrin
    Hi I’m Val, also know as Super Perv, don’t know why I’m so innocent but I hope we can all get along and be friends. I’m in your care!
  5. Mochizukki
    Hello all I'm mochizukki but ya can call me azu. I enjoy roleplays as much as I enjoy shipping my favorite pairings. I do hope to get along well with everyone
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