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Follow the Disney Religion ^^

  1. Kealyan
    Be aware, this is not YAOI XD and if I have to delete this group then... I'll cry a whole ocean but Aarin is the great Master around(I just hope you love Disney ^^)

    So! Which is your favourite Disney Movie ?! I can't even answer that simple question cause I love them all. Of course, there are some I like less that other but it's Disney! It's Magic! So who still have his/her childish spirit-mind-soul-heart!! Who follow the Disney Religion like me!

    I don't bite, I swear!

    Which character(s) is/are your favourite? Favourite songs?

    Don't be shy!!
  2. CloudArcher
    Hello everyone

    Bambi was my first movie on VHS. She really died. My poor heart. As a child, one still thinks that things could turn out differently. I loved it anyway.

    I also loved Daisy and Donald. But probably only because they were ducks. Country life sends greetings.
    And the fish tails at Ariel were fascinating when i knew how to built a fishing rod and how to use them.

    And you?
    I also loved a and bI also loved a and b
  3. CloudArcher
    Learning by doing: linking a URL

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