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Whos your Bias?

  1. Ayakiryu
    Me Suga my Ult but Hoseok use to be my bias wrecker but Jungkook is wrecking my bias. Suga is my ult tho
    so now is between Suga and Jungkook. Suga is still my fav
  2. LemonKamomairu
    For me it's Suga as well but V and Jin always sneak up on me and make me question my bias :'^) but MIN YOONGI IS #1
  3. yaoiangel
    i'm under the Jimin smile spell.... and there is no escape....
    but i can feel kookie is gettin more and more attractive <3
  4. dreamydays
    ERROR 404.
    I Like all of them.
    I struggled much deciding my bias in BTS.
    First was kook then V ,Then Jimin....and Jhope with Suga attacked me....like omg hobiiii.
    Then I couldn't resist rm's honesty and jin's cuteness ...
    Then I permanently gave up in decide a BTS bias.
  5. Ayakiryu
    Jungkook is NOw my Ult Bias now i still love Yoongi but i drop him few months ago for Jungkook because he was wreaking my Bias and now He is my Ult!
  6. milknhoney1120
    Namjoon! <3
  7. Cautiee
    My bias Is TaeTae
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