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Haruka Minami Fan-Group *_*

  1. SexyRyu28
    Uhm Hi Since I love Haruka Minami I thought I should join, so hello there KuraiYamasaki
  2. Dreamension
    A Haruka Minami fangroup??? I must join...
  3. cyber_cyber
    wow, I intended to create a Minami Haruka's club. Now we have it.
    Hello minna-san. ^^
  4. Chikaru
    Ooh... Hello. Hello! How could I forget the HOT bishies by Haruka Minami. She's very well-known for it.
  5. HokaHoka
    OMG OMG why anyone told me about this group?? TT^TT
    anyway I love Haruka Minami-sensei so much.....kyaaa
    thanks a lot for the one you make this group^^
  6. HokaHoka
    added new pictures...OwO
  7. SexyRyu28
    I love the pics.
  8. HokaHoka
    hee hee
    I'm glad I make a good work^^
  9. cyber_cyber
    @chikaru: ^^
    you guys know what? at first, I didn't like Haruka-sensei's works, I thought they were so perverted and too sexy *the me then was very innocent and stupid*. later, I read Exclusive love contract & After I get drunk on you, I was totally defeated. I fell in love with hardcore. ha ha ha.
  10. Chikaru
    I took my time looking at the pics... For me, Haruka Minami's art is pretty and simple. Not very complicated. Kinda neat.

    >> KuraiYamasaki: Thanks a lot for the pictures.

    >> HokaHoka: Thanks for adding the pictures.

    >> cyber_cyber: Quote: 'I thought they were so perverted and too sexy' When I first read it, I thought so too because her work is the first hardcore I read... My reaction was: WoW!
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