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Haruka Minami Fan-Group *_*

  1. Aamyra
    She is awesome. I hope you guys don't mind me joining, I'm a fan too. ^__^
  2. KuraiYamasaki
    Welcome, MyraMalfoy!
    Fans can every join! ^^v
  3. Aamyra
    Hehe. Thaaank you, Kurai.
  4. cyber_cyber
    wow, we have 2 more members. That's so great.
    @Myra-chan: how come we mind you joining, glad you join here. have a lot of fun together, ne.^^
    anyway, I gotta go back to my hometown for the New Year. that's why I'll be absent for the next week, you guys. *lots of tears*. I don't want to, but my mom's shop will be really busy, have to give her a hand. I'll miss you guys very much. see you in next week, ne.
  5. HokaHoka
    then we will wait for you^^

    Newbies...yay...welcome and have fun here...hee hee

    I share the same idea with you...but I like "Kindan no Amai Kajitsu" isn't that good like "Saihate no kime e" but I like^^
  6. Kira Yamato44
    Kira Yamato44
    I just saw this group and had to join. I love her work. I have all her mangas in one file for easy access.
  7. SexyRyu28
    Hi Kira
    So, you also clasify your manga, I do that too ^^
  8. Aamyra
    Ooooh. Take care Cyber! Thanks for the warm welcome :3

    Hoka - Thankies thankies. And your avatar is so gorgeous. *__*
  9. Chikaru
    Some more nice pics? NICE!
  10. Aamyra
    Oooh. Chikaru and Cyber are here too. xD *pokes*

    p.s. I love all the pictures in the album. xD
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