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  1. cyber_cyber
    @chikaru: you too? you know, for yaoi newcomers, should just read shounen ai. if we read hardcore for the first time, maybe we'll be against it forever.
    That's right. Haruka-sensei's works are very simple, often no trouble between uke & seme. Her ukes are so bold, perverted and horny all the time. So are the semes, I love the semes so much, they're always so cool.
    @hokahoka: thanks for the pics.^^
  2. HokaHoka
    @Chikaru and cyber_cyber
    you're welcome....MUUAAHHH do don't like to see a CUTE hardcore pic?
  3. kumi-kun
    I added some picture, might add some more later ^_^
    and hii everyone!
  4. Chikaru
    >> Well, I was first exposed to shounen ai. Then, a friend gave me Exclusive Love Contract. So, WoW! But, I like her drawing so I read it... And yup. I agree. Shounen ai first, then yaoi.

    >> HokaHoka: Now, I don't really mind the hardcore pictures. Especially if they are CUTE, as you say...

    >> kumi-kun: Hi!!! Thanks for the new pictures!
  5. KuraiYamasaki
    Woah ... my group grew so fast! °o° Thanks all of you for joining! ^^
    Special Thanks also to kumi-kun and HokaHoka for uploading pics ... they're so nice!
    To other comments: she's really hardcore but I read a manga without a sexscene! XD Just one >o> Boring! XP No no ~
    So, what manga is your favorite? ^^
    I like "Saihate no kime e" a lot and some of the other like "Renai à la carte" or "Virgin Soil" ^^
  6. Chikaru
    Hey there, KuraiYamasaki. I like quite a number but I love Saihate no Kimi e very much!
  7. kumi-kun
    aww not all her mangas are hardcore, I have read some with hardly any details ^_~ though they ARE rare XD
  8. cyber_cyber
    @kumi-kun: right, they're really rare. And I think, Haruka's manga without sex might be not as interesting as yaoi one. she's famous for beautiful drawings and sex scenes, you guys know.^^
    like I said, I like Exclusive love contract & After I get drunk on you most. Honey boys spiral is really interesting, too.
    hey, but I think the drawings in Egoisto seishoukusa isn't as good as others.
  9. HokaHoka
    LOL I like the pictures so much...OwO

    @ kumi_kun
    Thanks a lot for the new pics...so CUTE...hee hee

    OwO you are the founder for the group...LOL I didn't knew...hee hee
    and I love so much "Saihate no kime e" is my favorite one...maybe because of the story and all the plot I think is the best...I hope someday someone can make a ova from this manga...LOL
  10. KuraiYamasaki
    @HokaHoka ... yes ... I am ^^" Hi ... *wave hand*
    Yes ... "Saihate no kime e" was the first manga of her with a story (in my opinion °_~) ... XD Before I read "Love Cure", "Love Sweat" and so on ... the plot there isn't that deep XDD
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