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  1. KuraiYamasaki
    2009? what's then? XD I have to wait till the end of my university-time and moving to japan ... 7,5 years ... minimum! >o< so looo~ng ...

    yeah ... the chap was really cute! ^^~ I hope they're fast with the next chap ... and the other stuff of Minami ... >__<
  2. kumi-kun
    uhm in 2009 I have hopefully suceded my exams XD
    and then uhm yeah.. I can go ^__^
    omg 7,5 years? What kind of study are you doing? Wanna become a shrink? :o

    I know that for the japanese university study you will go to Japan tje last year <3

    yaaah let's hope for it :3
    but maybe it's not even published? I don't know.. but the serie is still running
  3. KuraiYamasaki
    I do Japanese studies ^^ here we don't go to Japan the last year ... afterwards I'll wait till my girlfriend is ready with her studies and she's still in school! ^^"" but then I'l move to Saitama ... let's live together XDDD

    yeah ... I hope it's there soon ... and when it isn't published, they have to do it fast XD
  4. KuraiYamasaki
    Yeah ... I'm first! XD
    Chapter 3 of Bitter is out at Liquidpassion! ^^
  5. kumi-kun
    wooow japanese studies are 7,3 years there? 0_0
    is it bachelor and master study?
    it only takes 4 years for the bachelor study here
    (do you use those words? XD)

    ooh how cool! I think I'll probably end up marrying a rich **** in Japan so I'll be sure to visit you oooften! ^__^
    (the husband must be a jerk, so no fun living together.. T__T)

    I type too much! 0_0
    and omg gosh you are fiiirst! <333
    I was just gonna write about it.. hhihih
    *starts reading*
  6. AshCat
    HI I didn't know this community existed yay I'm glad to be apart of it!

    Just FYI on meeting sensei - she does normally attend Comiket and you can meet her there My friend did and got our DJ signed, but sensei is often so busy she doesn't have time to sign but she will say hi ((you have to ask specifically if 'sensei is at the table' because there is no way to distinguish her from her assistants etc in Japan it's not the big deal that authors are there like it is in America O_o
  7. kumi-kun
    Hello there! ^_^
    I was already wondering why you weren't an member already :3

    And yah that it's possible to meet here, that's really cool!
    but it must be really crowded indeed, with half a million people walking around! 0_0 and must not forget how to say 'is sensei here?' XD do you perhaps know if she also attends other conventions?
  8. AshCat
    I know other mangaka attend some of the lesser cons but I have not heard of Minami attending those. I believe she's become so popular and busy that she can only do comiket twice a year.

    It's funny - my friend met her because she heard a japanese girl squealing about sensei and saw them getting thing signed near her table and lurked and realized it really was Haruka Minami <3
  9. kumi-kun
    Ooh I never knew she was so popular, oh well I had an idea
    since she does publish a lot and in well known magazines (right?)

    Wow that such a coincidence then! And she's very lucky : )

    I really hope that more of Haruka minami's mangas will be lincensed in the future, but I guess it's very difficult since many of her boys look underage : (

    I'm still hoping that Bebeautiful will release Hanairo no virgin soil one day too, the story is so smutty and cute <3
    Sadly it's not like a different company can just pick it up
    like it sometimes happens with scanlations groups.
  10. KuraiYamasaki
    Hi AshCat! ^^

    @Kumi-kun: Our Bachelor Study take 3 years and afterwards I can make 2 more years for a master ... but I'm not sure about doing this ... not important .. I'm just 2nd semester! ^^
    Virgin Soil ... I'm waiting ... lemme look ... yeah ... it will be published at 30th April this year ... publisher iiiiis ... Be Beautiful ... I know it 'cause I'm waiting for it since last year August! TToTT

    I don't know anything about Japanese conventions ... so when is the Comiket? &#176;o&#176; *wanna meet her too*
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