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Which one is your favorite?

  1. xTokiyax
    I'd have to say that one of my most favorite songs the Gazette would hav to be Guren because its really heartfelt and it has a lot of meaning in it. What is your favorite song by the Gazette?
    What's your most favorite J-rock song/band? ^,^
  2. Cteel
    I honestly dont know the name of my fave in English. Its the video of theirs where Ruki is wearing that sexy leather/latex kimono, the one with the chick on a chain leash and with the sword on said chicks skin. So bad ass!
  3. xTokiyax
    O wow that sounds awesome!!!! I honestly dont think ive seen that one :o please let me know if u find out what the name was, pleeeassee!!! Im like such a huge gazette fan!
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