aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection

Hello! ^,^

  1. xTokiyax
    Hey everyone, I'm new to Aarinfantasy, (but not to yaoi!) and I created this group to share interests with fellow J-rock/Visual-kei lovers and all its beatuifulness!
  2. epicfallen
    Hello! I'm in the same boat-new to the site, but not to yaoi XD Thanks for creating the group, I was so excited when I saw "The Gazette" on the list!
  3. xTokiyax
    Ah thats awesome!!! and at first I wanted to have it be page for just the Gazette but then I thought it'd be better to just leave it open to all jrock groups so people could share their interests and such ;3 But yea I am a HUGE fan of The Gazette so its really nice to be able to talk to people like u who also adore them
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