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MakoHaru Duet CD (DL and Translations)

  1. kriska22

    So what's your comment? Me? KyoAni is such a tease! I like the drama part hahahaha

    EDIT: It is out now!
    Summary of Drama Part
    Credits to romakoto
    these precious new canon facts we got for our boys just.

    Makoto being a total loser in the kitchen
    Haru hesitating(cause #so jealous) before asking whom Makoto wishes to cook for
    Makoto praising Haru for his amazing cooking skills
    Makoto commenting that Haru would be a good husband
    Haru freakin’ teasing Makoto
    Makoto telling Haru to be quiet
    Haru ****ing feeding Makoto
    Haru going all domestic housewife and asking if it’s good
    Makoto being a loser again and confuses salt for sugar
    Makoto thanking Haru
    Haru getting all doki doki flustered

    forever bless these boys.
    Got this download link from Tumblr; I reuploaded it in mediafire:

    Download Link

    From great-blaster:

    Original Drama Translation
    Always Here Lyrics and Translation
    My Base, Your Pace Lyrics and Translation
  2. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Here is the drama... I found it on your tumblr (I'm motomotogirl on tumblr btw): MakoHaru ? great-blaster: HARUKA: Are you ready, Makoto? ...

    For anyone who's interested.
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Double post...
  4. kriska22
    Updated the first link! Download links and translations added! I LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH.
  5. yomizgirl
    Thankyou so much! I love it!^.^
  6. rotatingmad
    The two characters' vocal acting is quite amazing to hear. Even after all these snake io time, this mix still has a very appealing sound. opening the door for this anime series to be adored.
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