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  1. kriska22
    I decided to create a group for the ship that I currently love. I hope that in time, this group will gain members and have lively discussions.

    Hi to whoever is reading this! Hope we can all get along! Spread MakoHaru love <3
  2. Hirucha
    Uwaaa I love MakoHaru!!
  3. kriska22
    Yay! Thanks for joining! What's your latest MakoHaru dose? I myself, have been following pixiv artists here and there. I can't believe how many artists love this ship!

    EDIT: Feel free to create a thread here ok! Don't be shy! Let's discuss anything we love about this ship!
  4. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Hello, everyone So lovely to see a group created for these two. Tbh, they're the only ship I really care for in Free! I don't mind the others, but I don't really... care about them, you know? For me, it's MakoHaru or nothing
  5. takayamajen
    Hello there! I'm Jen who has been mostly lurking in the forums but decided to join this group to meet other fans who love this pairing as much as I do! xD When I saw the first episode, I immediately shipped this pairing. I love how they understand each other so well and Makoto is just the sweetest person ever. xD I even love listening to the Free! radio where their seiyuus have such cute interactions. I have mostly been reading fanfiction and attempting to follow pixiv artists and failing since... the original Free! art is just so pretty... ;w; Sorry for my random rambling. xD Spread the MakoHaru love~ <3
  6. MinxieChan
    Hehehe~ Thank you for making this group~ ❤
  7. Greenkazoo134
    Hi! As soon as I saw it's name, I knew this was the group for me. I have a lot of ships in Free!, but MakoHaru is definitely my number one. It always seems like the animators want it to be cannon just as much as we do! The both of them are so cute, and I think they just go really well together
  8. kriska22
    Welcome everyone! Don't be shy here ok! If you want to discuss something about this pairing, please do create a thread.
  9. soulgust
    Hello! I just joined here and found this group and decided to join... MakoHaru is super cuteee and I love it

    Also I look forward to chatting more with you all :3
  10. kriska22
    Hi soulgust! Welcome to the group! Yeah I really hope more MakoHaru fans will join and participate here...
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