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Introduction Thread

  1. Yuuri Kirito
    Yuuri Kirito

    Finally, we've made it to ten members!! (Actually it's eleven) so I'll be opening a new thread: introduce ourselves!!

    It's very simple. Greet everyone with a smile, say your name and who're your favorite Karneval characters, and why you like them.

    Let me start!

    Yuuri Kirito here and guess who's my favorite characters are:
    HIRATO~~~~~ I adore and worship him so much~~~
    Gareki, Yogi, Tsukumo and Nai. I'm also fond of Uro (I LIKE his hair, so much) and Akari.

    So what's yours?
  2. soulgust
    Hello! call me soulgust, please~
    I love all the characters for different reasons but I think Yogi or Nai are my favourite.
  3. crystalkei13
    Hi, I recently joined- I'm Yutsuki! :'D Nice to meet you<3
    Jiki's my baby. I don't even care if he's a jerk and a total s#!thead I still love him ;w;
    Why do I love him I actually don't know but that doesn't matter he's so precious to me /dies
  4. GGHYfever
    hi...just can say hi ._.
  5. BlackCat13Train
    Hi there! I've been here for a while but never quite active XD I cen't believe I did not join any groups yet. Hi everyone! I fell in love with Karneval after reading the manga. I have to say I like a lot of characters but my favorite one is Gareki. I love how even though he is one of the main characters he doesn't have any special powers beside his mind and how he gave up his chance to save Nai
  6. KuroPhantom
    Hello! I've just joined. Well, I happen to find this anime and I find it really interesting and all. Anyway, Nice to meet you all! Hope we can be good friends ^^
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