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what do u think so far on the up coming series of XIAOLIN CHRONICLES?

  1. sapphireleo
    Ok no fighting each other if u disagree, all opinions differ so...
    Be nice u can rant but still light heartedly~ ^^ so let ur voices be heard~!
  2. sapphireleo
    Ok welp, here's XIAOLIN CHRONICLES, its good and funny in places, but truth be told, and I will warm u, its not really canonical, to the original, but it does have some good ideas, if ur curious, albit, slightly all over the place, in places as far as the show itself goes, and majority of the cast has changed (Canadian cast, and studio, so only Tara Strong, really *sigh*)
    Xiaolin Showdown Episode 1 The Journey of a Thousand Miles | Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime
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