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  1. Black Lotus
    Black Lotus
    Wee please leave your last.fm account names so we can add each other as friend there too ^^ my name is Nitrogenix. catch ya later ^^
  2. Deflower
  3. Black Lotus
    Black Lotus
    Hello there ^^
  4. Vaed
    Wheee! Hello XD

    I've only been on Last.FM for a little while, but it's safe to say I LUUUUUV music.

    Nice to meet you two ^^

    My Last.fm name is the same as my username here! ^^
  5. boskakomedia
    Hello, nice to meet you all

    My LastFm name is the same as my username here as well.

    Wow. I`ve just checked your profiles and it`s so great that the kinds of music we listen to are so different

    @Vaed: OMG among the hateful music bands you listen to there are two Polish bands
  6. Vaed
    Behemoth and Lost Soul are both indeed two hateful, hateful bands. XD

    Unfortunately, Decapitated's drummer recently died in a severe tour bus accident.

  7. Black Lotus
    Black Lotus
    Music is my live, without music i do probaly die >.<
  8. Enelya
    Last.fm is great! Found some really good bands! : ) I have same username in last.fm as I have here.
  9. Tel Vos
    Tel Vos
    Hi! I'm childrenonstun on last.fm.. : D
  10. Akuma_Kao
    Hi! I'm AkumaKao on Last.FM *g*
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