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Post your favourite JoJo pairings~

  1. audiopain86
    So, there are so many characters and so many possible pairings! Which ones do you ship? Feel free to fangirl

    My favourites are:

    Jonathan x Dio / Dio x Jonathan: Well, I think that at first Dio hated Jonathan, but then he started getting obsessed with him. In my opinion, the last scene of Phantom Blood is really moving and strong! You could really feel that the lives of these two were fated to be intertwined in a sense.
    So, I think this pairing has so much angst potential! Oh, the h-potential is huge too, because come on, Dio is a sexy beast

    Joseph x Caesar / Caesar x Joseph:
    first of all, don't they look great together? They're both so hot! Second, I think they would make a really explosive couple. In my head, they're the kind of pairing that would fight a lot and reconciliate with hot smex The angst level is also high.

    Wham x Kars: Because I can't resist subordinate x lord pairings I think Kars would be glorious as an uke

    Joutarou x Kakyouin: these two actually fit. Kakyouin's character is 100% Joutarou's type. So imagine, those nights spent in hotel rooms until they reached Egypt...I'm sure they could find some interesting ways to kill time

    Jousuke x Rohan: I actually didn't really like that at first, but I warmed up to it...Rohan is so tsundere, and Jousuke is such a genuinely good guy, so it could definitely work...I think they're spicy and cute together (It's all Suzuki Tsuta's fault).

    Dio x Pucci / Pucci x Dio
    : He loves him as he loves God. Come on, this thing is practically canon! Dio is a lord of depravity, so seducing the priest should make really good material for doujins and fanfics...I wonder why there aren't enough doujins with that pairing

    Gyro x Johnny
    : these two together are so moe
  2. lazyn3ko
    My favorites pairings list

    Dio x Jonathan

    Caesar x Joseph or Joseph x Caesar

    Joutarou x Kakyouin

    Jousuke x Rohan

    Giorno x Mista

    Gyro x Johnny
  3. MipTheHappy
    Trying to pick and choose just a few pairings in Jojo is so very hard! The possibilities..!

  4. MipTheHappy

    Okay, narrowing it down from Everyone x Everyone here...

    Phantom Blood

    Dio x Jonathon - Phantom Blood is all about the (twisted) relationship between these two so this pairing should be no surprise to anyone (except maybe Jorge Joestar I). What can I say, Dio just really wants to get into Jonathon's body! The power struggle between the two makes this a pretty hot pairing. Still, though the pairing is a lot more popular, I prefer...

    Jonathon x Speedwagon - Jonathon x Speedwagon is just about the polar opposite of Dio x Jonathon because it is just so adorable! Speedwagon is completely and utterly devoted to Jonathon, goes through hell and back with him despite being just a regular ex-street thug and to top it off, he stays so devoted to Jonathon that he continues to be an eligible (or should I say "confirmed"?) bachelor for the rest of his days. Jonathon takes special care to protect him and he takes Speedwagon the journey even though he can't fight the monsters and would be better suited looking after Erina. It's bound for a tragic end (as is the way of all Jonathon pairings) but otherwise the relationship is just so sweet akfapafbl;fh.

  5. MipTheHappy

    My last post inspired me to order a couple of Jonathon/Speedwagon doujinshi (and a Dio/Jonathon for good measure). I can't wait for them to arrive!

    Okay, more pairings!

    Battle Tendency

    Joseph x Caesar / Caesar x Joseph - Just as audiopain86 said, they're both very passionate people who argue often but their deep trust and attraction keeps them coming back for more. The unresolved tension between these two in the manga (and anime) is glorious! I think they'd be the kind to take their rivalry and one-upmanship back to the bedroom and develop it further there. The pairing is pretty reversible which in my opinion makes it even better! This is my favourite pairing from Battle Tendency.

    Kars x Wham - Because I can't resist subordinate x lord pairings either! I prefer Kars as the seme in this pairing because I don't think their pride would let it be any other way. And besides, Wham may hate any man stepping in his shadow but Kars can banish shadows with his light...

    Joseph x Wham / Wham x Joseph - The anime fanservice (intentional or not, I'm not sure) tipped me over the edge with this one. It's an interesting rivalry where there's a certain amount of mutual respect but also a desire to dominate the other. And Wham did propose...

  6. MipTheHappy
    Keepin' on keepin' on.

    Stardust Crusaders

    Well, this one's easy. Everyone x Kakyouin pretty much sums up the majority of my favourite pairings from Part 3.

    In a little more detail...

    Jotarou x Kakyouin - Jotarou x Kakyouin is a staple pairing of most Jojo BL fans and I'm no exception to this rule. As audiopain86 said, Kakyouin fits Jotarou's preferred type closely and they seem to be very well suited. This is one of my favourite favourite Jojo pairings.

    Dio x Kakyouin - A dub con/non con pairing so not everyone's cup of tea but come on, Dio abducts Kakyouin and implants him with a mind-controlling bud of flesh. The possibilities of what happened there (and what happened between that event and Kakyouin meeting Jotarou) are almost endless!

    Polnareff x Kakyouin - Compared to Jotarou x Kakyouin, this pairing is a lot less intense and a lot more casual and fun. I blame fan fics for this one.

    Joseph x Kakyouin - And I blame fan art for this one! It's a bit of a crack pairing but somehow it works.

    Outside of Kakyouin pairings, Dio x Vanilla Ice is awesome. I'm all for master/servant pairings and their bond is very strong.
  7. asakurachan
    here is My (wish) list ~ (Ó w Ò) :
    All x Jotaro
    .....but mostly Dio x Jotaro ...... ( **** my SM hobby .....and some other weird fetish...... (:3>L) )
    Dio x Jonathan, Jonathan x Dio ~~~~~ the origin of everything =]]]]]]]]]]
    and Josuke x Rohan, Rohan x Josuke ~ just so cute..... ~( ; 3 ; )~
    Caesar x Joseph, Joseph x Caesar ~~~ angst ...... (:3>L)
    Giorno x Mista

    Johnny x Gyro
  8. MipTheHappy

    @asakurachan - Somehow I forgot Dio x Jotarou from my extensive list, haha! Jotarou works well in a lot of pairings. I swear I've seen him get paired with just about every character with good results!
  9. asakurachan
    yeah ~X"D~ but ...~ Because I like him being a bottom _( :3] L)_ ~ so it's hard to find fanarts and fanfics ~; A ; ~~~
  10. makuberokuro
    A little on the short side here:
    Jotaro x Kakyoin
    - The pairing that I'm focused on at the moment. "By the way, do you like sumo?", we're getting into personal interest territory here!
    Joseph x Caesar - Fancied the thought of this pairing. Fandom helped push this further. XD
    Avdol x Polnareff

    Would love to get through the other parts so I can see what makes these other pairings so appealing.
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