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Welcome to the JoJo Fan Group!

  1. MipTheHappy

    Hello and welcome to the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Group!

    We welcome any and all discussion about JoJo, including favourites (part, character, pairing), theories and interpretations (was Dio really born evil?), posting fan art and fanfics and whatever else strikes your fancy!

    Please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread.
  2. lazyn3ko
    Hi i'm lazyn3ko i'm crazy fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    Thank for opening this group and nice to meet you
  3. MipTheHappy
    Welcome to the group, Lazyn3ko! Feel free to put up any threads you'd like. I'll be adding a general doujin thread soon.
  4. audiopain86

    I'm glad to see a JoJo fan group! I hope more people will join (I'll add a link to my sig too ).

    I've been a JoJo fan for a couple of years or so...my favourite part is Battle Tendency, and my favourite JoJo is Joseph

    My goal is to be able to buy all the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes So far, I've managed to buy parts 1-3. The hard part is from now on I also love figures, but I only have a Rohan SAS.
    So well, I hope we'll be able to talk a lot about the manga and fangirl about all the delicious possible pairings
  5. MipTheHappy

    Welcome to the group, Audiopain86! And awesome, thanks for linking here!

    I've been a fan of Jojo for a long time (about 8 or 9 years, whoa). Joseph is amazing and Battle Tendency is what cemented my love for Jojo buuuut I'm an unashamed Steel Ball Run fangirl so it's got to be Johnny for me. Gyro is my favourite character though!

    Good luck with your collection, you brave soul! I own the Viz Part 3 set but I'd love to own it all. Of course, I'd need a bookshelf big enough...

    I love figures too! I have nearly the entire Bandai DX collection now (still got to pick up Gold Experience and Stone Free) and MSP Rohan. I couldn't not get MSP Rohan. I've tried really hard to resist the Di Molto Bene series but oh my god they are bringing out Risotto and Prosciutto and I want them so badly. And I haven't even seen what the look like painted yet.

    Yessssssss, there are just so many delicious pairings! Open a thread and I will fangirl forever.
  6. audiopain86
    Thanks for the welcome And thanks for establishing the group, first of all

    Wow, you've been a fan for such a long time! It must have been hard back then, I guess there weren't as many scanlations and everything...

    Hmmm, that's true, of course, I'll need space to put everything...but, if I buy the box set editions, I can save some space on my shelves I wonder if they will do some special edition for Steel Ball Run too...it would be nice.

    Ah, do you mean Gyro is your favourite character in general? I love Gyro toooooo!!! When I started reading Steel Ball Run, I was like "feh, Johnny is the least impressive JoJo I've seen so far, the manga should have been called Gyro's Bizarre Adventure". But then, as the manga goes on, Johnny's character progresses so much, and he becomes a really good and interesting character. I have to admit I really admired his growth. And his relationship with Gyro was sooooo good, throughout the series.
    About Steel Ball Run, I liked it a lot too. I thought that it had a really fresh and interesting approach to the stands...hmm, how can I say it, it's like, the stands were there, but the manga wasn't that stand driven. And Gyro's balls was something totally different, so it added a twist to the fights and everything. Also, I thought the idea of the race was really smart, it had a wild West atmosphere in my opinion, and it reminded me of the Lucky Luke comics I used to read when I was a kid XD Oh, the art was great too.

    And Gyro is hngggggggggg

    Wooooow, that Rohan figure is soooo nice! (I like that outfit in general, and the pose is cool). Ah, the RAH with the same outfit is awesome too, but it's insanely expensive, so I'll just keep on admiring it in photographs XD
    I think that the DMB series is so, so, SO beautiful! Actually, their Dio is one of my dream figures.

    So, even though I don't really like part 5 characters, I can't blame you for wanting to buy these figures...I'm sure they will look amazing.

    Fufu, I'm on it then
  7. lazyn3ko
    @audiopain86; Welcome dear to the group i was expecting you to join

    i wish i can buy these figures but they are little expensive and most of them are out of stock, I will try saving from now to buy the upcoming figures it deserve.
  8. MipTheHappy
    @audiopain86 - I was reading Jojo when the best translations available were the Ignition One scans of Parts 1 and 2 and Veggie's Part 5 hadn't been finished yet. Things have come such a long way since then!

    Oh my god Gyro. He is just the right combination of sexy, confident, goofy, kind and sentimental and and and. I love the setting in Steel Ball Run - there's a race to be won, fights to be fought and conspiracies to be stopped and all the characters have everything on the line. And then you add dinosaurs, religious icons and patriotism.


    @lazyn3ko - It depends on what figures you're looking to get and where you buy them from. Online shop prices for figures can be really variable so shopping around can help. RAH figures will always be extremely expensive though - they're waaaaay out of my price range!
  9. MipTheHappy

    Welcome to the group 91ash, KatxXxNaoe and zetsuai1989!

    It's good to see more Jojo fans joining - our little group just got a little bigger!

    EDIT: And welcome to fuzzybun too! Wow, you joined just as I was posting this!
  10. MipTheHappy

    Welcome to the group, PseudoL!
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