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Fangirling about Patalliro here - SPOILERS!

  1. Shibunari
    Welcome fellow Patalliro fans!

    We have a place for chatting about Patalliro now!


  2. SailorShipper
    Mahaha, kind of empty here right now. But with a little work it shall grow. We will convert more people to the series.
  3. SailorShipper
    I like the series a lot, but as a Maraich/Bancoran shipper I do kinda wish there was more action between the two, and I do want to give Bancoran a good Gibbs Smack for the way he cheats on poor Maraich all the time.
  4. Lysian
    Indeed Bancoran see a pretty boy, and there he goes but it a good thing he care deeply for Maraich,which is proven later on . I do wish there are more episode/chapters about his Tamanegi
  5. SailorShipper
    So very true, at least for all his cheating he is hella protective of Maraich. He gets some credit for trying..not much though that boy is way to easily distracted by the sexy.

    I just love Maraich the most though, there is just something so fascinating buy the combination of pretty and feminine with how though and able he is to kick as..even if it has to be Bancoran from time to time.
  6. Shibunari
    I agree that Bancoran is a jerk sometimes, but to be fair...Maraich don't have any problem on 'cheating' on Ban to make that boy talk (using Ban technique!) to help Patalliro (Prince Maraich!)
  7. SailorShipper
    But he only did that once...unlike Bancoran who...ohh what the hell am I fussing about I was pissed at Maraich that time also, though at least it was a one up time. **mutermuter*
  8. Lysian
    @SailorShipper there there, they both at their faluts, but Bancoran does go a bit overboard at times -Just saw the movie not long ago-
  9. SailorShipper
    I'm on Maraich's side about such things Lysian. I'm just reluctantly conceding the point that Shibunari made, though I still think Ban needs a good Gibbs smack.
  10. Lysian
    I think what Ban need is a good taste of his own meds, like something Happen, and Maraich forget about him and some other hottie get to him first, and Ban need to work to win him back that'll teach him.
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