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Just funny XD

  1. Nouche
    well..everything not pairing smexyness related just funny stuff goes HERE
    so..have fun? XD

  2. ritar
  3. Nouche

    oh derek, you naughty tongue
    if i ever get a cat who looks like that
    you bet it´ll be called Derek
  4. ritar
    I'm not so sure I'd want one. Imagine it jumping on you while you're sleeping. I would shit bricks. XD Even its licks are evil. Its frigging voice is evil. It sounds like Gollum.
  5. Nouche

    aww how can you...
    i love it, how can you not enjoy sth grumpy looking?
    i would poke it the whole day..... just like i do with my "fathers" grumpy cat XDDD
  6. Nouche

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