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  1. ritar
    That was an awesome comic! I adore the creator's artwork. Man, I'm jello. >.>
  2. ryla
    I practically live in Tumblr's Sterek tag and I still miss stuff and that comics strip is so cute - reminds me of the ETA fanfic.

    @crisislover; that BAMF!Stiles fanart is one of my favorites ever - spawned fanfics...

    There's also a poll in the Gallery requesting for a TW category
  3. crisislover
    I live in Tumblr period. I follow a lot of sterek blogs so that's how I always get the goodies

    I LOVE a BAMF!Stiles in fanart and fanfics! There are some really good ones, but they have a lot of angst and I have to sit down and crawl when I read it because apparently I like to make myself miserable reading them TT____TT

    Uwa? Where is this poll? Gallery? *heads over there now*
  4. ryla
    You won't believe what I found in Tumblr:

    Guess where the links goes to: ths f*cking thread
    what a spill-over
    @crisislover; I can't live in Tumblr, if I do that I'd forget to eat...sleep..breathe
  5. Nouche

    i want a set with that *w*
  6. crisislover
    I found these cute tiny pixel icons of Derek and Stiles!!!

    I put it under my signature Feel free to put them under yours too!! They are made by basilcakes @ tumblr
  7. Nouche
    OMFG they´re sooo cute, can´t wait for the next season
  8. crisislover
    I switched my claim for the official pairing claim thread, and Stiles/Derek is now mine I feel like making a Sterek set, anyone wanna twin it with me? (After I'm done with it of course XD)
  9. 2good2bebad
    I am so glad there is a group for Sterek O-O

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