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Bleach het wtfs

  1. Cteel
    Yes I'm somewhat bi, but still, I HATE, I mean really HATE the Ichigo Rukia pairings. My Inner Rukia rages about it constantly(not that shes a fave of mine, she just won't hush about it) She has no interest in that (in her words)"Suicidal, impulsive, deranged, Human teenager,who has an inflated view of himself and feels that hes the worlds babysitter!"(Rukia! Thats enough! stop using my fingers to type your rant!)sorry about that,...The other one that bugs me is Noitra/Nel, and Anything with Hinamori(grrr,) I love yuri when it comes to Yoruichi and Masumoto and Hallibel, but the het stories with them are let downs. Its like those who write the het stuff tend to be less imaginitive, They have their set ideas how relationships are and the stories tend to show that(Then again maybe all the disfunctional het relationships in the world are part of the problem) Yaoi and yuri leave more room for the minds eye, has more depth, more tenderness, more intensity, more sincerity, you know?
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