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SasuNaru/NaruSasu vs. NaruHina

  1. Xtase
    My mouth waters at the thought of my favourite dynamic duo doing the dirty. (try saying that five times fast) But when it comes to NaruHina....I have a few issues.
    I always get this feeling that if those two ever got together, the relationship would be perfect and harmonious. A little too perfect for my taste, in fact. NaruHina is lovely and sweet and all, but I cannot survive on WAFF alone. I don't want to witness an endless elysium of bliss; I want to see sparks flying and worlds colliding. Passion and power and undeniable sexual tension...the same things I feel when Naruto is paired with Sasuke. And thus at the end of the day...NaruHina frustrates me.
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