aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection

A group for anyone who needs a place to reflect and share their belief or just hang around with other Christians.

For people who believe in a God that loves all his children, no matter gender, sexuality or race.

For people that believe we can all live peacefully despite our differences, and respect each other.

It doesn't matter if you read the Bible every night or if you simply believe that there is something greater than us in the world, everyone is welcome

*Respect each other.
*No heavy discussion about interpretation of the Bible etc, I will not allow any drama or wars.
*Should a member misbehave, a warning will be issued. If the warning is ignored, I will be forced to remove the member from the group.
*In worst case scenario, if there will be too much hate here, the entire group will be closed down. Let's work together for that not to happen, shall we?
*And last but not least, enjoy this group

~Feel free to add appropriate pics to the album~

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