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  1. Lynnee

    Hello everyone! I've created this group because i really love Kuroko no Basuke! I've invited most of the people to start up this group, if you're invited and you accept to join this group, i really am glad you did! I really appreciate you for joining here!

    So, i guess we still don't know each other very well? I hope all of you here will introduce yourself so that we can know more about each other since we share the same interest in Kuroko no Basuke!

    You can tell me about yourself and your favorite character!

    For me, i am still in secondary school, i don't know if you can call that middle school? I guess i'm pretty young for this forum because there are a lot of M18+ stuff *-*~ Well, i don't really care about it, i just don't mind the M18 stuff after reading so many yaoi manga~ What started me to like yaoi is because of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! I was so interested in it, i've never seen a malexmale anime so i don't know what does it feel like. Before watching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, i don't even know what is yaoi and i don't really know it existed. I'm glad i came across to some YouTube videos and started watching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I didn't know i will love it so much!!! I've watched a lot of yaoi anime and read a lot of yaoi manga for now, but i still need more!

    Well for my favorite character in Kuroko no Basuke, i guess it's pretty obvious isn't it.......... It's Aomine!!! I used to hate him, not really hate but dislike... I just find him not attractive at first?! I feel like a meanie, sorry if i offended you T-T~ Just wanted to share my feelings about him. I didn't watch it because i love sports anime, i have never watched any sports anime beside Slam Dunk. Slam Dunk is a really old anime, i don't even remember the details but i remember liking it. Back to Aomine, after reading the manga, i started to love him more and more! You know the fan arts are also all AominexKuroko *-*~ I love Midorima too! I love it when he brings his lucky item and he's never shame about carrying it like these..... I love all the characters but these 2 are my 1st and 2nd favorites.

    Anyway, i've done introducing myself! So i hope everyone will check this thread and introduce yourself too!
    Here's some questions:
    What got you into yaoi?
    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?
    Who is your favorite character in Kuroko no Basuke?
  2. xryuchan6927
    Hello! Thanks for the invite!! OUO

    I'm pretty much hooked to Kuroko no Basuke since I first read the manga. I was so glad they made it into an anime (and I heard MAGI will get an anime too!) My favorite character would be of course... Kuroko. He's sexier when he gets mad, yknow C:< I haven't really decided for a pairing yet... but I really like his relationship with his lights - Kagami and Aomine. I haven't really get that feeling to ship anyone in KuroBas though but I'll wait if I get to see more interaction with them in manga and anime o u o

    Anyway, off to the introducing part which I suck at <_< *cough* I'm a graduate of BSIT and is currently unemployed... lol. I have my own scanlation group - MxR Scans. We might do KuroBas djs in the future... not sure yet but I think some of my scanners are planning to buy doujins from the series so.... we'll see C: I like to draw and scanlate and reblog posts in tumblr >_> If you're a stalker type, you can google my username, it'd be easier if you want to know me well XD

    So, what got me into yaoi..... Probably because of Sasuke and Naruto. They were my first OTP and are still my favorite pairing in Naruto =w= What got me into KuroBas..... I can't remember why I decided to read the manga >w< I'm not really into basketball.... hmm.... I really don't know o n o Oh, maybe it's coz of the interesting summary where I first read it from... orz.

    Well, that's it o u o Yoroshiku!
  3. Seraphine
    Thank u for the invitation. Hm well finished accounting and last month a pc course and jobless still. Nothing decent haha. Forgot saying i'm 25 and love yaoi for a few years.
    My favorites are sakura gari and seven days. I'm not the type to pair characters which aren't from a yaoi series manga or anime. Beside yaoi second i love is the shounen genre then shoujo. Like to write poetry and short prose.

    2 months ago wrote my first BL one shot which lol is a tragedy of course .... i started other 2 but only have the prologue on them . Who knows maybe i'll post here as well. Doesn't have a mature content on the sexual part but 2 fragments there exists xD

    What got you into yaoi?
    i think was gravitation anime and manga :O though is more a shounen-ai for me
    then started reading yaoi and so on xD

    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?

    i believe the mood for a sport manga
    i was tied of all shounen/shoujo and found it
    but when i saw the anime adaptation stopped reading but now i'm on day with the chapters

    Who is your favorite character in Kuroko no Basuke?
    are a lot of likable characters but i'll go with kuroro and the seirin captain which i always forget his name
    the kid with the glasses
  4. ZoeSazuma
    Thank you for the invitation

    What got you into yaoi?
    My friend gave a volume of Gravitation to read and I've been hooked ever since

    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?
    I kept hearing about series on the forums and thought that I could give it a shot. I've only seen a few episodes so far
  5. bronakopdin

    well who is not sucking @ introducing

    so, yeah next month I'll be 23 and currently I'm studying (please don't think I'm ) Latin and Ancient Greek for Teacher post at high School level...


    Ok, if everyone started to came over their shock I can continue now ^^

    How did I come to yaoi?
    Well it was a long journey unconsciously I devided into Anime and Cartoons when I was very little... really unconsciously! I was 13 when i first learned about the difference, that Anime are from Japan and Cartoons mostly from USA. And after learning about Anime I learned about Manga, started to buy and read some series and then half a yeah later in Germany also "Gravitation" started to be published as Manga ^^
    so that was my first male x male experience and after that I found out about Kizuna and Zetsuai/Bronze and was totally lost in Yaoi-Mania

    What made me get into Kuroko no Basuke?
    Well I cannot live without watching Anime, so basicly if I see a new series start I'll first check out a summary and if I find it interesting I'll watch the 1st ep and maybe more.
    It totally took me in with the overconfident Kagami and non-existent Kuroko
    I never read the Manga though, I'll check out the anime first and maybe read it later, so I may not be a good discussion partner, gomen ^^'

    My fave character is Midorima Dunno I always come to like the stiff-serious-megane-bishies >_<'
    I love his Zodiac madness and how he always carries around these oh-what-not-cute lucky charm which soooo nooot fit to the rest of his serious self
  6. Roksu
    Hey there, guys. Thanks for the invite, I have short term memory, was it Seraphine? Idk. xD

    I'm bad at introducing myself and there really isn't anything interesting about me, haha. Just your average joe who likes yaoi, hentai, or any fappable porn.

    What got you into yaoi?
    Truth to be told, I forgot. It could be Gravitation, D.N.Angel, or maybe some random yaoi fanfic I stumbled back in high school. It was so long ago, anyway.

    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?
    The anime. Then I read the manga. Over a hundred chapters of them. It was... an interesting take on the basketball sports with the Generation of Miracles. Midorima's ability is pretty bullcrap in rl, though. Outright hax!

    Who is your favorite character in Kuroko no Basuke?
    Kise and Kuroko. I had a thing for blonds, anyway. Lol, Kise seemed to get picked on a lot in various fanarts in the Kiseki team. And he was so eager and a sensitive person. I don't care if he's the weakest in Kiseki, his bluemage-like abilty is cool enough for me. Also, I ship Kise x Kuroko x Kise.
  7. chixm8
    Will make it short since I am doing something important.

    What got you into yaoi?
    A Gundam SEED fanfic. As for the anime/manga, it is Gravitation due to one of my friends. She was so obsessed with the anime. When I saw a copy of Gravitation manga on sale, I bought it just to brag it to her but I ended up buying every volume of it. *facepalm*

    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?
    I do not know the main cause, actually. I remember that I plan to download Kuroko no Basuke anime without any knowledge with the story or characters. XD But it was the manga that I checked first before watching the anime. So yea, I seriously do not know the reason. XD

    Who is your favorite character in Kuroko no Basuke?
    Nigou! Who does not like Tetsuya #2?
    Kidding aside, I have not decided on that part because every character is likeable. Even the supporting characters. Probably Mitobe? But heck, he does not speak.

    On a side note, I still laugh whenever I see a fanart with Akashi in it because of those scissors.
    (Akashi and Midorima's lovechild. *facepalm*)
  8. VnZange28
    Thanks for your invitation

    What got you into yaoi?

    If I still remember, it because of Junjou Romantica anime popularity, I always see junjou get in top best anime, so I try to watch it. And I become addict into yaoi

    What got you into Kuroko no Basket?

    I have known kuroko no basket manga before it's get anime, and I have read the first chapter it was interesting story, I really like basketball sport maybe that's why I like kuroko no basket.

    Who is your favorite character in Kuroko no Basket?

    Kagami Taiga, I like his personality, always easy-going and sometimes he act cute whenever he asking with a polite sentence.
  9. jjo
    Thank you so much for the invitation~
    Well, I'm don't really have anything to say when it comes to introducing myself.. not an interesting person either..
    Just a random student that loves yaoi

    What got you into yaoi?
    Friends recommendation of wonderful yaoi manga and anime..Met them during an Anime Convention
    Hats off to them
    The 1st y anime I had watch was Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?
    After seeing all those amazing Kuroko no Basket pictures posted by my friend~
    Well, I started off with the anime then only I found out about the manga..So, I'm starting off reading it as well ^^

    Who is your favorite character in Kuroko no Basuke?
    Kuroko because I just love to watch his weak but skillful play..somehow seems fragile too
  10. sumire007
    Hello there^^
    Thanks for the invite~
    Somehow I'm really suck to Introduce myself, don't know where to begin

    What got you into yaoi?
    Well that's a funny story My 14 or 15th was near and I was to begin to get an interest to everything Japanese...So I asked my dad to buy me a manga doesn't matter which genre...He broth me to a book store which only had about 5 or 6 titles The choose was small so a decided for a title where had already 3 Vol there and I liked the style...So guess which one was it? A CLAMP title Tokyo Babylon. And we all know Clamp has this "nasty" habit to put BL in their work At first it was strange but with each Volume I begin to like it more and more
    We could say I was a "victim" of CLAMP^^ Since then I was born as a Fujoshi

    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?
    Hmm I would say through Yukikuran's Profile page And since I liked PoT which has already many bishies and a sports anime I began to watch Kuroko no Basuke and I like it

    What got you into Kuroko no Basuke?
    I can't say...Everyone has their own special personality...
    I like these teasing between Kagami and Kuroko
    Kise reminds me of Yukina He can be happy a moment and the other sulky. It misses only the sparkles around him

    Did you ever read the title more precisely? Kuroko no BasUke. Everything said.
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