aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection


  1. Cutebeast64
    I post this because I'm so excited form this news I can barely sleep... I'm just gonna say: GOD, you are REAL. Omertá is actually my fav game EVER, I even stay all night up just to read the event on twitter for the first anniversary of the game (and it was so damn cool, totally worth it)... So, when I saw this in the page:

    My heart just stopped... My goodnees! Run to any japaness, english or whatever page to see what it is and, what do I found? A new game (fan disk I guess) that will be on sale next year, there's even some "watch it for your self" of JJ&Azusa-chan. ¡Kyaaaaaaa! I think I'm going mad, and the game isn't even out yet... So, to pass the endless days without it, I thought in asking what do you think about this news? Are you as shocked as I was? Would you buy/play it?
  2. MidoriOcha
    Oooh! Fan disc! Between this and Lucky Dog 1: Bad Egg, I'm dying with all the waiting.
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