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How did you get your scars?

  1. kaminx
    Um... nobody posted anything to talk about yet, so I was gonna start with the obvious question.

    How did you get your scars? :3

    Scar #1) I have a scar on my shoulder (about an inch and a half long) from walking by a half falling barb-wire fence, needless to say, it made a nice cut through my skin and has left me a (thankfully) small reminder to be careful where I walk ^^
    Scar #2) Another one I have is a 12cm scar on my other arm from getting hurt in an accident ^^

    Well, now that I have told you my "battle" scars, maybe you have a set of your own? ^^"
  2. nasaka
    i got a couple scars one on my chin that i had since i was 3 i was dared to lay down in front of a ramp and my brothers were going to jump over me well apparently one of them didn't

    another scar i got is on the right side of my head a couple inches long i got it from falling and hitting my head on the corner of our bench

    well there is two of my storys but i have many more to tell well later
  3. kaynthepayn675
    I have a couple scars from me being just so dang clumsy XD I trip easily and fall down constantly. I've only ever broken my wrist and that was last year out of all my years of being a spaz haha I also have a few self-inflicted scars-i went through a dark period a while back :IBut the majority of my cuts and scrapes are from hitting up against something or cutting myself against something sharp lol
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