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  1. cyber_cyber
    I'm in love with all the works of Ayano Yamane. Day by day, I'm sinking deeply in them, eat with Crimson Spell, play with ViewFinder, laugh with Ikoku and sleep with all perverted pics in mind.
  2. Chikaru
    Ooh... Hello there! Good thing you come up with this one. I agree there are lots of fans out there. I think this place will be filled sooner than you think. Anyway, I find your life interesting. 'eat with Crimson Spell, play with Viewfinder, laugh with Ikoku and sleep with all perverted pics in mind [I'm sure with the hot guys ]. How do you manage to live like that? *curious*
  3. dexluv77
    Wee I wanna join! I looooove Yamane-sensei! She's my second all-time favorite manga-ka (second only to You Higuri-sama <3) Though I haven't read too much of her work I have ViewFinder and Crimson Spell, and I just saw the OVA of Ikoku (her artwork translates beautifully to anime, I might add) and thats it. But I still adore her. Crimson Spell *STILL* makes me blush
  4. YUU
    @chikaru - i found it and join it... glad to see you're here too...

    BANZAI!!! Hehe... Love to her and her characters to death!
  5. Chikaru
    >> Yuu: I was waiting for you... Er... okay... quote: 'Love to her and her characters to death!' I know you do. And I've been expecting you here... I'm so right.
  6. _elly_
    Hey everyone
    I wondered the whole time when someone would finally found a group dedicated to Ayano Yamane Anyway, I love her works (especially Viewfinder and Crimson Spell^^) and can't get enough of it *g* Though the waiting time between the release of each chapter kinda gets on my nerves...
    *hops now off to bed to cuddle with her Asami/Fei bedsheet*
  7. cyber_cyber
    @chikaru: thank you so much. ^^.
    Have you guys all watched Ikoku? What do you guys think? Is it sexy enough for anime? or you guys like it more, more and more ^^ perverted?
  8. dexluv77
    @cyber - Yeah, I've seen Ikoku, and I liked it! I read a lot of reviews that said the sex-scene wasn't "Yamane" enough (as opposed to how explicit they are in her mangas) but it was only the first episode for heaven's sake I know good things come to those who wait
  9. naono
    yamane sensei's fanclub?! *dies*
  10. alexa87
    It was about time someone to create a club dedicated to Yamene sensei.
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