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  1. Jolliapplegirl
    love her too but i didnt like Kimera. the ending just pissed me off. other than that, my heart is with her books.
  2. muggins
    YAY I <3 Yamane-Sensei's work! I am steadily going broke trying to collect all of it !_! Does anyone know if the vid of Sensei drawing Akihito's pillowcase art is available for download? (I bought it but I don't have a dvd player that I can watch it on >_> boo.)
  3. TaHoma
    I love all her works - they have good plot and a freaking hot sex scenes *nosebleed*. This group make me really happy ^^
  4. pshw
    ^ agreed.
    +1 The art is awesome
    +1 The plot is engaging
    +1 The sex scenes are

    Overall, brilliant work by sensei. Love her manga!
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