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  1. _elly_
    @ Chikaru: No problem
    Yesterday was just amazing. First the new CS chapter (raw) and then the release of CS14 (in English)
    @cyber: That sucks You're not allowed to have any yaoi (print-)material? Why is that?
  2. dexluv77
    Rrrghhh... stupid computer won't let me download manga Oh well, at least I know if it's getting done, it should be in BOOK form, to buy, soon ^_^

    Wee, excellent new pictures *stares*
  3. Chikaru
    People? Can I er... shout? "I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!" Er... sorry. I already did. feeling much better now. Now, I want the continuation... *sits at the corner to wait* Waiting is no fun... no fun... no fun... no fun... [continues on]
  4. _elly_
    Concerning which manga? Okay, it could be both VF and CS Yeah, I agree... The new VF chapter will be out 02/28 and the new CS chapter on 03/22 ... I'm trying to be patient... -___-
  5. cyber_cyber
    hey hey, you guys. don't be so impatient like that. I'm going to lose my patience, too. But think about sensei, I think she's working hard. I'm worrying about her health more than about the manga. sorry, but I'm still sad from Asami Tohjo's death. . I've become a worried ward since then.
  6. Aralaiqualasse
    OMG!!!!! Yamane sense...I really love her works....pity no threesome *smirk*

    But hey, she is my top favourite mangaka...^^
  7. Chikaru
    Oh... Did you have to say about Asami Tojo-sensei??? Hope Yamane-sensei wouldn't end up like that... About which manga... BOTH!!! Thanks for the dates. Still... I don't like to wait. Hmm... guess we should consider the health thing... *sits at the corner thinking about Asami-sensei*
  8. Aralaiqualasse
    Asami Tohjoh......!!!!!! Nanii!!!!! The one that draw the Dekkou Senka Boy????? Died??? how? When? Why? Where?

    Nooo....I hope Yamane sensei will take good care of her health.....I'm really sad that BL world lost a good artist......
  9. Chikaru
    Er... Aralaiqualasse, yup. The one who draw Dekkou Senka Boys died last year n the month of October. How? Er... the details were unclear. Why? Still details were unclear. Where? Not sure. Somewhere in Japan [Of course].
  10. cyber_cyber
    What, you didn't know? men, how can you? hix hix hix. I also don't know the exact details, just heard that she was sick for a long time. NO, Yamane sensei will never leave us like that. Never.
    @_elly_: That doesn't mean we can't print Yaoi ourselves, just do it secretively or else you'll spend some time of your life in jail for so-called spreading depraved things. And if I bring it to printing shop, they will look at me disgustedly.
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