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  1. Chikaru
    Hey, people!

    >> cyber_cyber:You're welcome. watch it already. It was okay but I expected more because it's Yamane-sensei's work.

    >> devluv77: Yup, maybe we should wait... patiently...

    >> naono: What's with the reaction? You okay?
  2. ayami84
    Does anyone here got a hand on the Special Edition Box???? Wanna know because i am close to buying one, but want to know if it REALLY is worth it *thinks about sleeping wiith Asami* it probably is worth it *mwahaha*..but i just want to check before i kill my account
  3. naono
    HAHAHA YES, i'm okay! i was so happy when i found this group! i love ayano yamane's stuff! it was a postitive reaction..hahaha
    sorry it was unclear~
    oh, and i added a picture if that's ok?
  4. cyber_cyber
    minna-san, I think we could add as many pics as we want. ^^.
    damn it, in my country, yaoi will never get the permission to be published.
    wish someday I could hold a real manga of Yamane.
  5. _elly_
    YAY, new Crimson Spell chapter is out ^____^ Go check out the YA lj community if you haven't seen it yet
  6. cyber_cyber
    @_elly_: whatttttttttttt, Crimson spell has new chapters?:shock::shock:
    I don't have the link to access YA LJ, can you send me, dear? hix hix hix, I want to read right now.
  7. cyber_cyber
    @_elly_: Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    Man, you're so fast. Thanks again, millions times.
  8. _elly_
    No problem, cyber ^^
    I love to help people
  9. Chikaru
    >> naono: Oh, a positive one. Okay...

    >> _elly_: It's out... Latest chapter is out... It's out?.. IT'S OUT?! Thanks for telling. Er... thanks again. But, wait... did you say LJ?! I've problem with that. Is there any other way around..?

    Edited: Ooh... I found a link somewhere else. I'm downloading it now. Yay! Happy!!! thanks again for informing, _elly_!!!
  10. cyber_cyber
    hix, I think Ayano-sensei must be working so hard for us having new chap of both CS & VF now. Thank you so much, sensei.
    @ayami84: Special Edition box? you're so lucky.
    I'm here in Vietnam, no artbook of Yaoi, just shounen ai, and they're sold secretively.
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