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  1. cyber_cyber
    It seems I missed a lot of new info. ><
  2. sommar
    @ cyber_cyber - welcome back!
    and I don't think you've missed that much just a bit of ranting care to join us? lots of things happening! New VF chappie (shocking! ), new Crimson spell chapter the 22 this month, Foreign love affair finally being released (... next week?) or just random ranting about anything yamane is always fun
  3. chamorrican56
    good god sommar... how do u know all these things?! , wait nvm i shouldnt question the will of an uber fan
  4. cyber_cyber
    OMG, you're not kidding me?????? I'm waiting for so longgggggggg for new chaps. hey, hey, Foreign love affair? new manga? why didn't I know.
    Thanks so much for the info, sommar.
  5. cyber_cyber
    the new manga, has it been scanned yet, you guys? Can somebody tell me the content of it?
  6. sommar
    no scanlations of the new vf chappie, just rough scans, it has been somewhat discussed in the ayano yamane thread kinda and content? nah, since spoilertags don't work in the social group section (I think?) I don't want to spoil it for the rest see the yamano thread for clues
    Foreign loveaffair - Ikoko Romantan being released as a tankooubon in english is making me very happy it's gonna be my new bedside companion for quite a while... now I can watch Ranmarus bum in bed
  7. Chikaru
    >> chamorrican56: Don't know. I've never been able to go onto LJ. I think it has a grudge on me or something.

    >> shattered: Really? Too bad then...

    >> cyber_cyber: Welcome back!

    >> sommar: Lucky you. I probably wouldn't own any of her work any time soon.
  8. cyber_cyber
    Hey, you guys, a friend of mine in Germany said that she bought the manga of A foreigner love affair. Was it really published????????
    Why haven't I seen even its cover yet.><><><><><. you guys, send me the linkkkkk, onegai?
    @chika: kiss you.
  9. cyber_cyber
    Ah, I just bought an artbook of Yamane. he he he he. so lucky. the artbook is so hot. It includes all the manga of Yamane-sensei.
    Are you guys envious? (I mean those who don't have one). ha ha ha ha.
  10. cyber_cyber
    by the way, do you guys know this site?
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