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  1. anlama
    she's one of my top 3 mangaka - i love all her work and thruth be told her bishies are to die for - when i receive a manga form her, hubby steals it away (and unlike me,he's not into yaoi) - thank god he doesn't read english else i'd never get the manga back - lol - but her art is among the best to me - some are so hot that a cold shower is necessarly lol
  2. Shadelassy
    me too i am a fan of yamane sensei!
    i love her artworks, i love her fantasy yaoi manga, im in love with viewfinder - very much and crimson spell
  3. yaoifangirl93
    Is Crimson Spell volume 3 ever going to be released?
  4. Maylani
    *happy that i found this group* my favourite mangaka is definitely ayano yamane hmm... here in germany crimson spell vol. 3 were already released
  5. zeruda
    I love crimson spell, ikoku romantan and view finder, other artwork as well. Sensei is great mangaka, i reall want come to sensei autograph event (*A*)

    hi everyone! Nice to meet you ^^
  6. Harumii
    *happy that I found this group* my favourite mangaka at the moment is definitely ayano yamane
  7. HoshikoLuna
    My first manga made by yamane ayano-sama was crimson spell, and OMG her art and plot are beautiful! i'm so glad there is a club made! She also made a lot of novels, unfortunately I can't read japanese if one day..
  8. Flamagram666
    Oh my! i really love u hun! u've made my day! *A*
    i've discovered this beautiful just now and i was like 'OMFG!! AYANO YAMANE FANS!! *A*'
    also some 'squee' sounds over there for the images and then... oh my... how beautiful are her works... *stares*
    However thanks for have made this group! x3
  9. TrappedinV
    Ahhh!! absolutely my favorite mangaka!! I love her character, story, artwork.. everything!! I fell in love with her Viewfinder and Crimson Spell.. I wonder where can I order her mangas (in english) since most of her works are already licensed, and my country, obviously, will not release any kind of yaoi manga.. at least in the foreseeable future
  10. Chawsu
    Hi. I'm a new member. I've been a Ayano Yamane fan for a long time.
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