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  1. brave heart
    hahahahahahaha yeah ~!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY , YAMANE AYANO wish you a great day ~!!! hahahaha
    and agreat time like me with you friends haha we share the day
  2. chamorrican56
    *waves at everyone* hey whats up , been a long while since i have been in here
    happy belated birthday Yamane-Sensei ^_^

    and yea i was all sad about the last chap of the NT arc. That really cant be it right? i mean we still have to see whats going to happen with Yoh and sexi man Fei-long!
  3. Cehache
    I needed to be here!! Recently I finished reading Viewfinder, and Crimson Spell is probably my favourite BL. Also, Yamane-sensei is my favourite mangaka, her works are just amazing. For me it is very important not just to have good characters and good story, but also good drawing. And sensei has all of that. And Havi! And Feilong! And Ranmaru!

  4. vizard light
    vizard light
    Happy New Year everybody!...sorry i haven't been active
  5. miki_crea
    I just join this forum group. Yoroshiku.
  6. kakashi0707
    hello, i just join this club. i really love Yamane Ayano sensei's work.
  7. miki_crea
    I wonder is it manga for viewfinder volume 4 and crimson spell volume 3 hasn't published yet? Since I check many site and couldn't find it.
  8. Cehache
    Crimson Spell Vol.03 will be released in Spring, and I just read ch.23... well, dissapointing after being waiting for so long...
  9. mokona666
    Ah hello~~I joined this group a while ago but haven't dropped by and greeted pplz *ashamed*.....but anyways, anyone thinking of an icon for this group??
    PS happy Bday Yamane sensei~!!!
  10. Ruby_Alexandrine
    @miki_crea - Viewfinder vol. 5 is going to be published on June 10. The fourth volume is already published and available. Its probably going to take another year or less for Kitty Media to acquire and publish Crimson Spell vol. 3 in English.
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