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  1. bella28385
    I would love to be Aki and then I could have everyone. He is so pretty!
  2. akumaine
    hello, i'm new here...
    honestly, akihito is the most stubborn uke i've ever known
    unlike the other typical uke. they are a bit girly. right?

    i wonder why meh display pic is a question mark...
    i did upload meh photo...hmmm
    gotta check it again
  3. akumaine
    ahahah ////// never mind...
    uhh...this is embarassing
  4. Cold Sandra
    Cold Sandra
    Love all her works!!
    her designs are soooo beautiful!!
  5. kanharu
    Great!! sensei is wonderful *o* She has so many fans all around the world ^_^
    *glad to join*
  6. Ruby_Alexandrine
    In case no one hasn't been reading or been active in the Yamane Ayano Part II thread, I informed the fans that Crimson Spell vol. 2 is available at the Media Blasters Ebay store.
  7. Ruby_Alexandrine
    I recently received my copy yesterday and the quality remains the same as the first volume. Nice glossy cover, great color inserts, and good paper quality. The second volume is selling like hot cakes!
  8. cyber_cyber
    you guys read chap 17? I almost fell from my chair when I saw Akihito was shot. Love the expression on Asami's face.^^. why do I feel that scene so romantic.><
  9. sequoi
    @ cyber_cyber : I knoooooooooow... GOD... He looks soooooooo desperate... I just want to hug him from the back... Asami... I agree... It's a very touching scene... >.<
  10. angeliro
    @ cyber_cyber: i've read it ^o^~ yeah..yeah so romantic..but so sad that akihito was shot n yes asami's expression that time shows he care for akihito v/ much..OMG..what a nice chapter..

    now..i'm getting excited for the next chapter..oww..can't wait >__<
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