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  1. Madefreakshow27
    Ayano Yamane is my goddes lmao. I love her!!
  2. vizard light
    vizard light
    oh does anybody has a piture of yamane?
    i've never seen her
  3. Ruby_Alexandrine
  4. vizard light
    vizard light
    @Ruby_Alexandrine thanks for the link...she looks younger than i thought
  5. Ruby_Alexandrine
    @vizard light - She looks very lovely and prim. There are more pictures of her in the Viewfinder fanbooks and character book.
  6. bella28385
    @I agree Ruby. I had no idea what she looked like. She looks like she's nice too^^
  7. Ruby_Alexandrine
    @bella28385 - Even though I haven't met her in person, I heard that she appreciates her fans worldwide.

    If anyone met her in person, what would you like her to sign? I would like for her to sign my copy of Iroku Irokoi Romantan.
  8. DarkSacrifice
    Helohelo *wave* omg i sooo love ayano yamane!
    and asami.....woaahaaa *drool* just totally hot..
    she iss ooooooo gooooddd.....omgo mg omg XD
  9. LuciferxDamien
    I just joined this group today, so I'll start by saying hi. Asami is one of my favorite seme's ever, if not my favorite. Havi from Crimson Spell is also extremely smexy.
  10. DarkSacrifice
    I soooo agree!!!
    Asami is my fav seme...and Akhitio ....sweet sweet Akihito is my fav uke
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