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  1. Ruby_Alexandrine
    Harudaki just released Crimson Spell Chapter 18 today. I think they are trying to catch up with the chapters since Chapter 19 will be out this Thursday (May 22).
  2. cyber_cyber
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh, did you guys read chap 19?
    @ruby-chan: what? chap 22 was released???????
    oh my god, I just read chap 19 in Raw.><
    Val is soooooooooooo sexy.^^
  3. Ruby_Alexandrine
    @cyber_cyber - sorry for the confusion, I corrected myself and edited the message. Its actually Chapter 19 that was out on Thursday. I thought Chapter 19 was friggin' sexy and long overdue. I just hope that pensive look in Val's face doesn't mean that he's guilty for being intimate with Havi.
  4. cyber_cyber
    Ha ha ha, I hope so, too. But I optimistically think that the beast Val shows real desire of Val.^^. The last scene is so cute, hix, wish this anime would be made into anime soon.^^
  5. cass3811
    aaahhhh....yamane ayano....
  6. 775752
    have you guys read the latest chappie with the hottest smex between Hav & Val?!! It's Val, not the demon Val!!!! YEAH~ Great chappie and the last scene... *drooling*
  7. Ruby_Alexandrine
    Yes we have or read at least the RAW scans. The latest chapter has been fully discussed on the Yamane Ayano thread.
  8. cyber_cyber
    wow, wow, chap 19 in Eng was released. Now I can fully understand ^^.
  9. Ruby_Alexandrine
    Harudaki has been quite fast with their projects.
  10. Chikaru
    I finally managed to download the latest chapters. Yay!!! I'm so happy.

    >> ruby_alexandrine_81: I have to agree. They are fast.
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