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  1. Ruby_Alexandrine
    @cyber_cyber - Celesdiale/Club Vogue discontinued scanlating Crimson Spell because the second volume was officially acquired by Kitty Media and it will be available for purchase in July (if you order an advance copy at the Media Blaster's Ebay store) or August (the initial release month). The reason why they discontinued it was because the mangaka herself visited the Yamane_Ayano livejournal community.
  2. tk04
    Talking about Ayano visiting her livejournal. Do you think she listen to our please... or should I say beg for more of her manga translate to English. I want to say yes. I not sure.
  3. shattered
    its hard to tell exactly how much influence sensei has over the legalities of her works and publications in different languages and whatnot, because they the rights to the stories also belong to the publishing companies (libre in this case) and its the publishing companies that are having a legal dispute with bebeautiful. i'm sure sensei wants things resolved, but there's been no news about how bebeautiful are going
  4. Ruby_Alexandrine
    @tk04 - Her English is very limited so I don't think she would understand the English-speaking fans. She really doesn't have that much commercial work other than Viewfinder and Crimson Spell.

    @shattered - It seems to me that in order for overseas publishers to acquire licensing of mangas, they have to ask the Japanese publisher who owns the licensing/publishing rights to the mangas. From what I heard from various sources, Ayano Yamane was not pleased with Be Beautiful's version of Viewfinder.
  5. cyber_cyber
    you guys mean she doesn't like us translate and scanlate her manga like that?
    @ruby-chan: she didn't like the version of viewfinder? but I think they are quite good.
  6. cyber_cyber
    WOW, WOW, I just got Naked Truth 15. hix, how happy I am now. waiting so long for this chap.><
  7. sommar
    yes, love the new scanlations! and the report on Akis day is just sooo cute!!! ^o^
    My smile was this big *stretches out hands to illustrate* while reading it
  8. Ruby_Alexandrine
    I read the recent chapter of Viewfinder, and its quite interesting. I hardly ever see Asami so cold. He usually calm, cool, and reserved. I absolutely love the lithograph illustration of Asami and Akihito. Their kiss looked so passionate.

    @cyber, cyber - Scanlating mangas is illegal even though its free to download, so the scanlation group responsible for Crimson Spell did not want to get into serious legal trouble with Ayano Yamane and Kitty Media. As everyone knows, Viewfinder is out of print indefinitely, and Be Beautiful gave no indication about republishing the series, and that is why CV is continuing with Viewfinder. CV explained their reasons at the Yamane_Ayano livejournal community. In the first volume of BB's version of Viewfinder, BB changed Sion to Cyon, and also something with the translation of a certain panel. Plus, the print quality isn't as good as she (or the fans) would like it to be. For mangas to cost $15.99 each, I would expect dust jackets and color inserts which BB mangas do not have compared to 801 Media who charges the same price and their mangas do have dust jackets and color inserts.
  9. tk04
    interest. Never though Ayano wasn't please how the it was translate into English. But again, I should have know. that want most publisher or production will do. They want it to sell with their kind of taste. but the same time try not to lost it taste of yaoi. i mean the storyline. or something on long those lines.
  10. Ruby_Alexandrine
    According to GiaPet, Libre is searching for a new BL publisher to license Viewfinder. Editors' forum at Libre were discussing about plans to search for a new licensing deal while CPM/BB is still considering or planning on suing Libre for breach of contract. CPM state that the Biblos contracts were still valid and the Biblos titles acquired were paid upfront even after Biblos went bankrupt. The biggest mistake CPM/BB has done is not renegotiating contracts with Libre like the rest of the BL publishers did.

    Such new licensing deals and potential lawsuits are going to take some time, and from what I heard, Kitty Media and perhaps 801 Media are on the top of the list of newly acquiring Viewfinder.
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