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Is there any way to play this game on a MacBook Pro? T_T

  1. hmiana
    Hi guys, I'm mostly a ps4 gamer, but recently I watched the dramatical murder anime, and heard the game was even better. And I was like...game. I'd pay for it, buy it from somebody, pay to have it made compatible for me, lol. Like whatever it takes to get this game. I'm not tech-savvy though, and I'm just trying to find a simple way to play this game on my MacBook Pro. I'd also be interested in some of the other cool BL games I've seen floating around!! If anybody has any suggestions I'm all ears.
  2. Sakinoanime
    I don't have a macbook so I'm not sure, but my friend uses an application called WineHQ to run windows applications.
  3. GayTrain
    I have Windows and i dont rlly know! I don't think it would work tho. Im sorry. Id wait for Jast to translate ot and be on steam maybe! I think it be on Mac then maybe!
  4. Semizu
    For macbook to play windows games, the best way is to use "boot camp assistant" that exists in every mac, you can install windows system using it, but you have to divide the memory a half for macbook system and a half for windows, because that is what I did and was the best solution in my opinion, when I got mac I was happy how fast it was, but sad on how I cant play my windows games anymore, but after installing windows system on my mac using boot camp assistant, now I am happy with both
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