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Anyone feel bad for Ren in the non-Ren routes?

  1. Throwawayyyyyyy
    This is a comedic question but when you think about it, Ren ends up being a third wheel in all the routes but his own. I mean, how do you think he feels standing around while Aoba "entertains" the route character he's with.
  2. GayTrain
    Kinda! But Ren did kinda want Aboa to be safe right? That's what i think. But it makes sense he's kinda 3rd wheeling as after the entering of Platinum Jail, there isn't much story for him as they pay attention to the other ones, but he does still exist to helo the plot go along, and get characthers talking( thought of Noiz specficly lmao but the others make sense).
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