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uuugh download fail

  1. obn1000
    hey please answer if you have one!

    i downloaded DRAMAtical Murder on craneanime.com and when i install the whole this it says i have to put in an authentication ID thingy.
    if anyone else got this and knows wat to do help meeeh!!!
  2. SirCooly
    Check the forums around here. You need to download the update patch and crack version.
    Also, did you install Daemon Tools and switch your computer's language to Japanese?
  3. obn1000
    yeah i have Daemon tools and i switched to japanese, but how do i apply the patch? i know i'm an idiot DX
  4. SirCooly
    You just click on the patch first. (After you install all the game stuff). Then you open the crack. If you don't do it in this order, the game won't open.
  5. inukaa
    You can download it in torrent
  6. ChingZu
    hi minna how can i download Dramatical murder from aarinfantasy. I really love to play this game. hope you can help me. thanks.
  7. RainGirl
    well i tried to download dramatical murder. i got everything i need too daemon tools, 7zip, and changed my whatever its called to japanese but when i downloaded all the parts from 4shared even the patches it said that something bout not having all the files required or something anyhow i deleted it but do they have to be all the same size in order to extract? (sorry if this doenst make sense)
  8. yuukipyo
    how about download it from other website?like fuwanovel.org it's more simple,you just have to install a few more things
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