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Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi vs. Junjou Romantica

  1. learning2fly
    so by now i guess you've figured out that this series is made by the same people who did Junjou Romantica, and hopefully you've seen it so you know what i am talking about... its might be a little hard to choose though but i'd like to say i like Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi better, but dont get me wrong i love both of them

    Junjou Romantica
    - Very Funny
    - I love Hiro and Nowaki
    - sort of the original one

    Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi
    - i like the fact that its related to the old series as if its still going on
    - i love the characters
    - the ending theme is really good

    eh this a quite a bit of reading sorry...
    i guess not many people actually acess a lot of these clubs so i'm not really expecting much of a response, and if you did read this thanks!
  2. Adrian76
    Well, I Love both too and also reading the mango online. But in truth, part of the story plot depends on the mangaka's mood and the stories' development. By saying that, both have their own strengths. Both are good and funny and I love them, but personally, I would prefer Sekai Ichi Hatksukoi at the moment if really compared to Junjou Romantica, if given the choice. I would hope there would be Season 3, which an uncertainty, but let us pray for the best XD.
  3. learning2fly
    well i'm not sure if its possible to reply or mention somebody but i'm going to try

    @Adrian67 yeah your right... i hope there is another season too
  4. Unlikeheart56
    I don't know Junjou Romantica is pretty amazing, i think i like junjou romanitca a little bit more because it set up that universe, enviorments and publishing personal are intertwined because of junjou romantica. Also I am a a huge Nowaki and Hirosan fan i absolutley love them. i dont know why but their story just so omg for lack of any other word. I love Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anime i do, but the relase for the manga is slower then junjou romantica. The End Song for the first season i agree is amazing <3
  5. Roya60
    Why do you ask such hard question?!!!
    Of course I love both of them. They are the best!!!
    I love Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi a little bit more!
    I think the characters are so cool specially I love Takano-san! but the story of Junjou Romantica was more realistic & I Love Hiroki more than anyone! & also the scenes where Usagi-san & Misaki were together!
    Anyway I LOVE both of them!
  6. Ayance543
    yeah its a realy hard question, I love Junjou Romantica and Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. Takano from Sekai-Ichi is really cool but Usagi from Junjou ist so funny and beautifut too. Oh I don't know ...
  7. animerick
    it's really hard..... really love both of them...
  8. Chiaroscuro
    Junjou Romantica is my all time fav!
    At first, I didn't think Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi would be as good as Junjou Romantica when it came out, but it totally proved me wrong!
    I actually like Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi a bit more than Junjou Romantica right now because the I think the story line is more interesting. In general, I love them both. Nakamura-sensei is a genius!
    @Ayance543 Omg, I totally agree with you!!!
    (btw, i find onodera and misaki quite similar, though onodera seems more mature.)
  9. Emeralds
    Junjou Romantica would have to be my favorite. It was what indoctrinated me into the world of Yaoi.

    But Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is definetly close behind. I love stories that hint at each other. I nearly fainted from excitement when I saw what I'm sure was Misaki sleeping on the train in one episode.
  10. chelseapro
    hmm i love them both!! but if i HAD to chose then it would have to be Junjou Romantica. Simply beacase my favourite couples are Misaki/Ahkiko and Shinobo/Miyagi. I just love yaoi couples that have a big age gap
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