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Who's your favorite Dragon Age character, and why?

  1. genjyosgirl
    These questions are always a must, right? And now that I think about it, this is a tough question! There's such a huge cast of characters.

    From Origins, it's probably Alistair. He was so sweet, sarcastic and charming. "Have I ever what, licked a lamp-post in winter?" It was worth the extra play as a girl to romance him. Also his story is really well thought out. I'm not usually drawn to heroes but he's a good one.

    From Awakening (if it counts), it was Oghren. He was too good. I really liked him in the first game, too, and since you really have a chance to deepen your relationship with him, it means a lot. But I definitely like this Anders better than DA2 Anders...much funnier. Sir Pounce-A-Lot as an activated power was a great touch. Justice was cool, too. Complex.

    Dragon Age 2: Can I say Hawke? Lol the funny/charming Hawke was definitely my favorite. I laughed so much. Dang it, the whole team was so good - Isabela, Fenris , and Varric were the ones I liked the best though. Their conversations when traveling were always funny. I wanna go back and romance Isabela.

    Sebastian Vael gets an honorable mention for being the best looking and having a most amazing accent (right behind Fenris on both counts ) He was such a self-righteous pr!ck that I didn't care for his character much, though.
  2. lanisawinner
    YES! Sebastian was the best looking character but I truly hated him, like the worst character ever. His character is so inconsistent and flaky and ugh... I could go on and on about him but that's not the point of this thread.

    Anyways, from DA:O I liked Alistair. He was awkward and innocent and so so sweet. I swear every girl is in love with him. Too bad there was no gay option with him, at least in the console version.

    From DA2, I like Varric, Anders, and Isabela. Varric because he's neutral most of the time; the same goes for Isabela. I like Anders because he's sensitive... His whole belief system was everything I believed in except for the way he executed things LOL... I can only shake my head at him.

    Anders and Fenris represented two extremes; and neither changes their viewpoint at the end.
  3. genjyosgirl
    Haha I agree about Alistair. He's just a chick magnet with that sweet bumbling air about him.

    Anders: I agreed with his thinking, but his execution of his ideals was a little much.

    Fenris...I got why he was so angsty. Poor guy. The magisters seemed like such a-holes when he would describe them. Most of the time I would choose between them as to who I would take in my party, to prevent approval/rivalry issues. Anders was a main companion due to Spirit Healing, so I would leave Fenris out,if I could, on missions they would oppose each other by going.
  4. lanisawinner
    I made the mistake of bringing both Fenris and Anders in my party, in my first playthrough. No compatibility whatsoever LOL. Fenris's rivalry just kept getting lower while Anders just kept getting higher. Then i switched Fenris out midway, and ended up being on the opposite sides at the final showdown. I was extremely bothered by that.

    I played both sides of the conflict for the trophy, but I really didn't want to choose the templars side.
  5. genjyosgirl
    Haha I had the same problem, I didn't realize rivalry was going to be such a big issue at first. I haven't gone for my Templar playthrough yet, but it bugs me to want to choose that side at all. Lol!
  6. mimithenumberon
    What an interesting discussion you two are having! I have to join in! (sorry i didn't do it earlier. i was away for a while and didn't have internet access.....makes me shiver just thinking about it.....)

    Without a doubt Alister is the hot shot of DA I! The sheer amount of times he made me laugh! I also loved Anders. I'm not sure if i liked him more or less in DA II. I mean he was different, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. He's less funny but more sensitive. Luckily there are plenty of funny charming characters in DA II, so it evens out! XD

    As for DA II. Fenris. Plain and simple, i love the guy! Well, i love messing with him. Every time i go on a mission i bring Anders along (or Merill) I love seeing them bicker. XD Yeah, i'm not a nice person. You can still make Fenris side with the mages if he is you rival. He has to be a 100% rival and you have to romance him. Messing with him is just heavenly.... lol

    After him i's say Isabela, Anders, Varric and......Sebastian. Isabela and Varric for their awesome witty comments and attitudes. Anders for being cute. And Sebastian get's on my nerves but damn his accent is sexy. And his handsome face doesn't help....¬.¬
  7. lanisawinner
    No merril or aveline? LOL

    I gotta give a mention to Seneschal Bran. He was hilarious in DA2, not to mention his voice is the same as Sebastians which makes it extra hilarious, to me at least.
  8. mimithenumberon
    I like both Merrill and Aveline but what can i say, i like the fun ones. XD Aveline is awesome and as Isabela says, a one woman battling ram, but she's hard to favor. Lol, she's not one to go and have fun. Still like her though. I like them all, she just isn't a favorite.
    Merrill, likewise. Like her but sometimes that attitude of her can get on my nerves....... Also makes me laugh. XD

    Oh woah, i never knew Bran and Sebastian had the same voice. O.o There you go, you learn something new every day! XP
  9. genjyosgirl
    @mimi I still need to have a rivalmance with Fenris...it seems so yummy. Hee hee. Glad you could make it...now that I forgot to check our discussion for a few days haha. Oh Sebastian was sooo cute. Wish we could get more content with him in it. Wish we could just get more content period.

    @lana I couldn't stand Merrill. I even played the parts in Origins when she first appears (which is brilliant that they were connected that way), and I just didn't like her. Varric messing with her was funny, though. Aveline was cool, and her little side-quest with Donnick (?) was cute. But she definitely didn't make it to the top of my list.

    But I will shout out to Shale from Origins. That was one snarky golem. And I loved talking to her.

    Sten, anybody? LOL
  10. lanisawinner
    Sten is so negative LOL
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