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  1. tehKIRAyuki
    This is for groups looking for a position filled or freelancers looking for work. Just describe what you are looking for so other's can pm you and discuss deals.
  2. Arsenic_Love
    I have a project called Town Festival. I've haven't worked on it much lately but I need an editor and a background artist. If you are interested or want more information send me a pm.
  3. tehKIRAyuki
    My project dark sin needs a back ground artist for the CGs.
  4. inujuju
    I usually work as a programmer for these projects, using the simple yet effective language "JustBasic". I have started dabbling with Ren'Ply as it has more easier used features however. I can also work on background art as long as it does not required people in great detail (I can draw simple people but not detailed). I can send samples if needed but I would also like to hear more about the project (plot, sprite art, etc.) before I decide to join since my time is limited.
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