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Translating and translators

  1. SECU
    What do you think about translating? Is it fun, a pain in the ass, very troublesome, enjoyable? It can be all of them depending on the time, ne? When did you start translating or when are you going to start? Do you want to be a professional translator (meaning do you want to earn your living with it) or is it just a hobby? Have you learned something while translating?^^ And so on, you can discuss about anything related to translating!

    Reveal your secrects!
  2. Sound

    I'm a freelance translator. Its not my main job but I translate small things here and there, its more like a hobby I guess ^^.
    I work for an internet site called JaME where I translate from English to Dutch or the other way around. I'm not earning anything from it but it looks really nice on my CV. I have been working for them since 2008 or something and really like the team I'm working with. Atm I'm on hiatus because of my final year in University. But I hope to be back after that.

    I'm always open for small jobs and have a wide range of topics I can translate. In the future I hope to be able to add Japanese as my 3rd fluent language and translate in three ways. But that's just a dream for now ^^
  3. SECU
    @Sound ; WOW! That sounds good! I know the site JaME^^ If we're talking about the same site, it shares information about Japanese bands/ solo artists: their concert schedule and countries, interviews and so on?^^ Long time ago I found my favourite bands through that site so I respect them very much^^

    As I said in one of my threads, hopefully, translating is just a hobby to me but I hope to become a professional translator one day

    And lerning Japanese and being able to speak it fluently will be important and a good thing to know so I wish you luck on your learning! The world is internationalizing so the more languages you can speak the better^^

    Good to have you discuss with us/me, I hope you enjoy yourself in this group and WELCOME!
  4. Sound
    Think i might start translating/working freelance for a record label called Japan Underground Records (in UK) once I'm done with uni...
    0____0 think the main manager just invited me after talking to me about my dissertation XD hahaha

    Nothing certain yet ^^ lets first finish these horrible 2 weeks and see where its going to end up then ^^
  5. Blue-Jay
    Hi, I'm also a freelance translator, just like Sound here. I started in 2006 and I'm also not making a lot of money out of it, it just complements my other part-time job, which is teaching. My main language pairs are English and Portuguese (both ways), but I can also translate from Spanish, French and Dutch.

    The subjects I work on are variable, depending on what's available, but my specialties are technical and scientific subjects (besides my English degree, I've also got a MSc in Genetic Engineering- branch Plant Breeding). Some of the jobs I do are quite boring, to be honest, but others can be very interesting and you always learn something new, especially with the more techy themes.

    I also belong to a Portuguese fansub. I'm the co-admin and main editor/translation revisor and CQer. And no, no yaoi in that team, the boys know I like it and make fun of me, lol, but no way Jose they would work on a BL/yaoi theme - the closest thing we did was Legend of Duo, but that's only because it had vampires on it. xD We are stopped at the moment, but we plan to come back this summer. It is a lot of work, but only for the fun. And I've learnt a lot with the fansub about media and encoding, typesetting, effects, timing, etc etc etc... so, now I also take subtitling jobs professionally.

    Finally, I've been thinking of learning Japanese for a long while... but I can't afford it just yet. I'd like to learn it properly at a language school, but Japanese lessons are quite expensive here.
  6. Heavenz
    Hello, I'm a part-time translate for a scanlations company called "DP" I've been working since 2009 and have complete over 70 titles. For about four years I've done Fantasy, Yaoi's, and mature ones too. I can translate both Japanese and English, and am currently working on French. I have a bachelor's degree in foreign language and I am currently working om my master's in foreign affairs/policy.

    I am attending Middlebury College, and have been sent request from UCLA and etc. I work on anything anyone gives me. I'm not dued any other manuscript though until August (so I'm somewhat lucky). I do translating as a hobby of mine, I also get to read many mangas too!!!
    Translating can be a pain in the ass at times, but is mostly fun too!! ^^

    Thank You for Your time!!!
  7. ayszhang
    Hello! It seems this group's been inactive for a long time.
    I'm in my third year of university now and I hope to make translating my job. I like being able to utilise my knowledge in multiple languages - though I agree sometimes it's quite frustrating when nothing seems to quite fit. I'm currently translating Chinese internet BL novels (amongst other things) for Chinese BL Translations (straightforward name, eh) for fun. I also translate Korean and Japanese. It's a bit messy as to what I can translate from and into. I usually am comfortable with CHIN-ENG, KOR-ENG, JAPN-ENG, ENG-CHIN, KOR-CHIN, JAP-CHIN, JAPN-KOR, JAPN-KOR.
  8. mousaion
    Um... Hello? Not sure whether to post here since it seems inactive, but, here goes
    I'm a beginner in translation, having translating so far only official documents for the Japanese embassy here and several short stories and poems to Serbian (from Ryuunosuke Akutagawa and Natsume Souseki mostly), although I'd really enjoy taking up anime and/or manga.

    Nice to meet you
  9. sapphireleo
    Hell(i)o~ Looking to be a translator and wanting to translate the remaining Sukisyo Games and novels and CD's, among other things, if no one else will and would love those to be put in the world, for the rest to understand and needs all thr help, it can, let alone when SOOO GOOD!
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