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What are you translating at the moment?^^

  1. SECU
    The title says it all So I want to know what are you translating at the moment? Do you translate it to make Aarin-members happy or are you doing the translation for your friend or just for your own fun?

    Tell us about your project!!

    Right now I'm translating these:
    1. Rurouni Kenshin, X-Samurai: Trust and Betrayal (OVA)
    2. Moon Child (Japanese movie, released in 2003, starring Gackt Camui, HYDE and Wang Leehom). Love the movie!! *__*
  2. Milwaen
    Secu chan!!! ^^

    Thanks for this SG, I think it was a very good idea!!! This way translators may ask for help from each other, tips and suggestions.
    Right now, I'm translating THE STORY: the Ai no Kusabi novels to Hungarian ^^ I'm still working on the 1st volume. Damn, it's really very difficult!!!
  3. SECU
    @Milwaen-chan!! ^^
    You're welcome!^^ I'm happy to see this group has gathered members! And when the discussions didn't get any answers within a week, I thought: nahh, they're not interested xD. But now... I'm sure the discussions will gather more members as someone has already started them, thanks to you and Sound^^

    I know you're translating the novels right now, I wish you luck with them!! You're doing an important job! I'm proud of you!

    My current projects:

    1. Fuyu no Semi (aka Winter Cicadas) - I'm doing final touches (changing some sentences and some words) before releasing it in here^^
    2. Ai no Kusabi 2012 - Pardo (2nd OVA) - as soon as the eng. subtitles are released, I can start it^^
    3. No Regret (South-Korean Live Action Drama, 2006, starring Kim-nam Gil & Lee Yeong-hoon) *__*
  4. Blue-Jay
    I'm on a hiatus now, both professionally and for the fansub.

    But if you boys and girls need an English (or Portuguese?) QCer for your projects, just let me know.
  5. Preeh
    currently translating 如何成为一个怪物 by 冯唐. (How to become a Monster by Feng Tang)
    Translation from Chinese to English/German because I couldn't find a translated version of it.
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