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What have you translated so far or have you?

  1. SECU
    I'm interested in knowing have you translated something by now and if, what has it been?^^ You can discuss about movies, books, songs in regular, or pick up some certain subject^^ The things I have translated:1. songs (English --> Finnish >< Finnish --> English)2. Ai no Kusabi (1992, 1994) (English --> Finnish) 3. Fuyu no Semi (Winter Cicadas), (English --> Finnish) 4. Ai no Kusabi RE-MAKE (2012); 1st OVA - Petere (English --> Finnish) Now's your turn!
  2. Sound
    I have mainly translated (here come the list XD)

    1, Interviews.
    2, News articles (bands related)
    3, Live reports.
    4, Magazine articles.
    5, Reports (any kind ranging from education to car insurance stuff to events/festival reports.)
    6, Bibliographies.

    All of these English to Dutch or the other way around. Occasionally some German to English.
    I usually take around an hour to translate one A4 to Dutch or English, and only very complicated topics, (eg, building equipment or medical terms, by which you actually need specific knowledge of the area involved) make me slow down.
  3. SECU
    @Sound ;

    You'll have my respect!!

    I'm amazed! When I was once told to translate a magazine article (I was in the 8th grade), it was very difficult o.o Well, I was so young that I hadn't translated nothing more than songs so far.

    I wish I'll someday be as good as you and can translate articles, reports or bibliographies! But for now I'd like to translate books or movies^^ Well, I guess many wants it at this age x3 But I have already translated movies, well... animes/OVAs ^_^ And I love to watch movies so it would be close to my heart^^ Books would be cool too but I guess they're more difficult. When translating a movie, you can watch the movie in the same time if it helps and for me it has helped^^
  4. Rishu
    I have translated some yaoi manga from Chinese to English for a scanlation group.That's the only "offical" translation that I have done... However, I often do translations of short articles (1-2 pages) and stories from Japanese to English for school work lol. I started translating a light novel from Japanese to English as an exercise for Japanese, but... well, let's say I did well for a while and then my motivation ran away from me >.< Aside from that, I guess I interpret for my friends from Chinese to English when we go to China, etc. but I guess that's not really translation huh?
  5. batou
    hi there. till know i havent translated any mangas articles or sth about this area. i translate a lot at work from german to english or portuguese.
    there for i speak/write german english and protuguese fluently and a little bit of rusty french^^
    so if i can help with something i would be glad help to you in anyway it is possible for me.
  6. SECU
    @Rishu ; translating manga must be difficult, ne? I have never tried it but it sounds very interesting!! ^.^ And I DO count interpretering as translating^^ You just don't translate written words but spoken ones so it IS translating, at least in some level^^ And bein able to translate what the other one says, I mean to do it quickly and fluently, isn't an easy thing to do even someone might think it is. I respect your talent!! Not every person is able to do that so keep it up!!

    @batou ; Portuguese!! That's new language in this group ^.^ many seem to translate from German to English or from English to some other language but almost all seem to translate from or to English in some level. But it's no wonder as English is lingua franca, meaning many people speak it with each others to communicate even it wasn't their native language ^ . ^

  7. batou
    @ SECU arigato gosaimas (dont now how to spell it) iam german so its quite easy for me english was second language and french my third portugeuse because my mother is brazilian so i neednt to study this one hehe any way thxs for the welcome!!!
  8. SECU
    @batou ; it's written: arigatou gozaimasu. As far as I know ^.^

    And no problem It's always nice to have new members with same interests!
  9. Sound

    uhm ... I never really thought about it. The site was looking for translators, and well I wanted to be more involved in the industry... so I applied XD hahaha
    I dont think its hard translating, but then again I'm really fluent in both English and Dutch so that might help XD

    ps. I acctually prefer to talk in English then in my mother tongue XD
  10. MzFoRi3
    Hi there, I'm new to this group,
    but as far as definite translation of a series, I've translated a little of Elektel Delusion from Spanish to English. There are actually more chapters but they are in Chinese, and are being translated into Spanish. Then I translate them into English.
    The reason I do, isn't because I think of it as a profession or hobby. I translate so others can enjoy their favorite manga or yaoi to the fullest. I do have fun in the process of translation, and I have learned alot!
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