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What have you translated so far or have you?

  1. SECU
    @MzFoRi3 ; welcome to this group and I hope you enjoy yourself with us!

    I see, there's quite many then who translates manga/Japanese novels, that's pretty interesting^^ I've only translated movies/anime series or OVAs so the literal side is all new to me, maybe I'll try it out some day Would be cool to try to translate Youka Nitta's work for example Haru wo Daiteita or Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy

    And about the reason you translate, I agree! I don't remember clearly what I pointed out to be my reasons for translating, most likely I considered it as a hobby and hopefully a prospective profession^^ But as I have now published my first so called "official" translation of Ai no Kusabi's first new OVA 2012 (Petere), I have started to realize that I don't do it just for my own good. Of course I want to learn while translating, and I have, really, a lot, but come to think of it again, I do it to please Finnish fans who are not good at English, so that they can enjoy those series as much as I do. I want to make people happy, even if it's just few people or one single person, it warms me from inside to know that they/he/she has felt happiness when finding my translation and is now able to enjoy some series ^.^ Now that I have found a BETA to myself, I can be sure that my translations, which will be released time to time here in Aarin, are grammatically correct^^

    So now I'd like to ask from you all: do you use BETA yourself or do you trust to your own skills?^^ After finding my BETA I understood that I really needed one xD I'm not perfect, I do mistakes and as she points them out, I learn even more^^
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