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Ai no Kusabi Remake

  1. Nishiko
    What do you think of the Ai no Kusabi remake that is coming out? Do you think the the new character versions are sexier than the old ones? After watching the preview I think that the new character versions are hotter. I can't wait until I get to watch the ovas!
  2. vellinicapri
    Well I definitely think they are sexier, than the older version. In the 90's I'm sure everyone thought they were hot and couldn't get much better ( I wonder how people will think of SIH in 10 years), but years later we've got a new and improved version which is awesome!!! I can't wait!
    The characters are going to be more attractive because of better animation and technology. So this remake should be pretty amazing, I hope the producers don't let us down...
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