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Takano from SIH vs Chiga from Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku

  1. vellinicapri
    This is a tough decision for me to make considering how different in style that they are, but which do you think is more sexy/seductive?



    Chiga I think he has my vote.

    Next we might also ask ourselves is it the seducer or is it the reactions of the one being seduced that really make the seducer attractive, and I think its both..although for some, just one of the previous factors will be enough.
  2. Nishiko
    I also think that Chiga is more sexy than Takano. Takano doesn't have the same sexy atmosphere as Chiga does. I think that the one being seduced is the one that makes the seducer sexy. Although the seducer can aometimes be sexy all by themselves.
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